You’ll enjoy your travel nursing career most when it’s backed up by our generous pay and benefits. Let our award-winning recruiters make your career the best it can be.​


Money Matters

We Start at "Yes"

We understand that pay is important. That's why RNnetwork recruiters can customize your compensation package and help you get the take-home pay you need.

Calculate your pay

Use this calculator to get an idea of what your take-home pay would be with other agencies, and then compare it to the pay your RNnetwork recruiter can offer you.

Get the Most Out of Your Travel Nurse Assignments

Your RNnetwork recruiter can give you more information about the following benefits and help you better understand the financial advantages of working with us.

Pay Rates

With RNnetwork, you earn more because we can customize your compensation package. It's not one size fits all like many other staffing firms.

Tax Advantages

Understanding tax advantages available to you will help you put more money in your wallet. Your recruiter can help you with these.

Completion Bonuses

You can earn a hospital completion bonus of up to $10,000 on select travel assignments. Ask your recruiter to tell you about these assignments.

Refer a Nurse Bonus Program

The RNnetwork Refer a Nurse bonus program will pay you increasing bonuses after the nurses you refer work 30 days—for every nurse you refer to us, whether you're on assignment with us or not. Refer as many nurses as you want.

Double Pay for Overtime on Select Assignments

RNnetwork was the first travel nursing company to introduce double pay for overtime. Ask your recruiter about our premier travel nursing assignments.

Weekly Paychecks on Most Assignments

Our direct deposit option allows you to have your check deposited weekly into your bank account for most travel assignments. Talk with your recruiter for details.


Enroll in our 401(k) plan on day one. You can invest up to 60 percent of your pay annually, and even better—have your recruiter tell you about the company match that RNnetwork offers.

Payroll Forms

Click on the links below to download the payroll form you need. If you have questions about any of these forms, please talk to your RNnetwork recruiter.

Form W-4 Direct deposit form Travel reimbursement form Tax Home and One-Year Limit Representation Housing allowance, temporary lodging expense form