You’ll enjoy your travel nursing career most when it’s backed up by our generous pay and benefits. Let our award-winning recruiters make your career the best it can be.


Day One Benefits

You're Number One from Day One

RNnetwork was the first travel nurse company to offer day-one benefits. Why did we make that decision? Because we always do the best we can to take care of our travel nurses, which includes making sure you are protected medically and financially. The following benefits begin the very first day of your assignment.

Physical health benefits

Health insurance
As a healthcare professional, you know health insurance is important. That's why you'll appreciate the excellent health insurance plans we offer, among which is a zero-premium option. This lets you choose a plan for which RNnetwork pays 100 percent of your premium. Dependent and Life Partner coverage is also available beginning day one.

At RNnetwork, your health insurance begins on day one. Many insurance plans now charge a deductible for prescriptions, which requires you to pay over $100 in prescription costs before your prescription copay takes effect. We realize that many travelers have a short lapse in healthcare coverage, so one of the first things many travelers do once their insurance coverage takes effect is purchase prescriptions. At RNnetwork, your prescription copay is in effect on day one.

This is one of our coolest benefits! This 24/7 physician consultation service allows you to get minor medical and treatment advice, including prescriptions, over the phone, which is especially valuable when you're on the road. This service is provided to all of our travelers who elect medical coverage and is free on two of our plans. Over ninety percent of the time the consulting physician will prescribe.

Vision insurance
RNnetwork offers a great vision plan that helps cover expenses for contact lenses, glasses, frames, exams, and more, and which can be used anywhere in the country.

Dental insurance
Dental health is an important part of overall health. To help you get the care you need, RNnetwork offers comprehensive dental coverage. Our dental plan covers 100 percent of usual and customary charges for preventive services, and even offers orthodontic coverage for children. You have the option to enroll in dental coverage without enrolling in medical coverage.

Financial health benefits

At RNnetwork, we know that your life encompasses much more than the time you spend working. To help you maintain a healthy work/life balance, RNnetwork offers the following benefits to all of our travel nurses.

Traditional and Roth 401(k)
We help you plan for the future, too. As an RNnetwork travel nurse, you may contribute from 1 percent to 60 percent of your eligible earnings to a 401(k) plan beginning your first day of employment. Currently, RNnetwork matches 50 percent of the first 5 percent that you contribute. This match is paid into your 401(k) plan on a quarterly basis and becomes yours on a percentage-based vesting schedule. Your RNnetwork recruiter will explain the details.

Employee assistance program (EAP)
We provide an EAP to all of our travel nurses and their families. This program offers help from professional experts for financial, mental health, behavioral, and legal issues. Counseling services are available free of charge three times per year for each family member.

Life and AD&D
As a travel nurse for RNnetwork, you automatically receive $25,000 of basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. This benefit is free and does not require enrollment in a medical plan. You also have the option to add short-term disability insurance, accident insurance, and critical illness insurance.

Professional benefits

Assignment Support
If you have a question or concern about your travel assignment, you can reach a live, knowledgeable clinical liaison for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An RN experienced in travel nursing is available to help you find a solution to assignment problems that may arise.

Continuing Education
Want to stay ahead of the game? We help you advance your career and licensure through free unlimited continuing education courses from our nationally accredited provider. Hundreds of courses are available in online, DVD, and Closed Captioning options.

Credentialing Assistance
Before you start your travel nurse assignment, our knowledgeable quality assurance specialists will help you through every aspect of your credentialing requirements to ensure you meet all necessary compliance criteria. We cover 100 percent of the cost of any new licenses you need and 50 percent of the cost of most certifications.

Free Screening and Testing

RNnetwork pays 100 percent of all necessary drug and titer testing for our travel nurses.