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Credentials and Licensing

Quality is Everything

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The RNnetwork credentialing and licensing department operates under the guidelines provided by its parent company, CHG Healthcare Services, to promote the delivery of quality care and patient safety.

Our primary function is to assess the clinical qualifications and competencies of our travel nurses and the standards of our client facilities. Our competency assessments are completed with the help of our medical/clinical advisory board, most of whom are practicing professionals.

Our credentialing processes meet nationally accepted standards and we do our best to align our efforts with our clients’ processes. To ensure that we provide the best partnership between a travel nurse and a facility’s staffing needs, our efforts include the following:

  • We establish credentialing policies and procedures, develop forms to establish specialty-specific clinical capabilities, and obtain any necessary references.
  • We verify all credentials through primary sources.
  • We assess clinical practice settings to see which of our travel nurses is the better cultural as well as professional fit.
  • We obtain ongoing technical and personal performance evaluations about our travel nurses from our client facilities. We also ask our travel nurses to evaluate the settings in which they work, and evaluate our service to them.


For more details about our qualification processes, please call us at 855.289.9766.