Personal Responsibility: Who Really Pays for an Unhealthy Lifestyle?

by Lindsay Wilcox

Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own healthcare. When it comes to our health, we pay a high price for living an unhealthy lifestyle by falling ill and shortening our life span. However, monetarily speaking, it is a different story. Read more

Welcome to the RNnetwork Travel Nursing Blog

by Bill Heller

Welcome to the RNnetwork travel nursing blog. Here you'll find a wide range of articles about your career, including interview tips, state licensing advice, credentialing matters, clinical issues, reference guides, travel suggestions and anything else that will help you learn, grow and improve. Read more

Back To Basics: The ABCs of Nursing

by Staff Writer

In nursing, we have come to rely on our ABCs for a variety of needs. The most widely known use of the acronym is in CPR for unconscious or unresponsive patients: A=airway, B=breathing, C=circulation, D=differential diagnosis or defibrillation. Check out some other ways healthcare professionals use the ABCs to remember important information! Read more

Balancing Children and Your Travel Nurse Career

by Lindsay Wilcox

A career in travel nursing can be an exciting way to learn and see things in the nursing world that you never dreamed of. However, a travel nurse with children may face some hurdles their peers without children won’t. Check out these tips and ideas on how to successfully manage your life as a travel nurse as well as your children's education. Read more

Destination Highlight: The Four Corners Region

by Lindsay Wilcox

Where's the only spot in the nation where four states come together in one place? At Four Corners Monument, you can stand or sit in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado at the same time. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Melinda Askervold

by Staff Writer

Melinda Askervold is a jack-of-all-trades and has worked at RNnetwork for more than a decade. For the past eight years she has found a home in the housing department and works hard to find nurses the lowest rent possible at apartment complexes and extended-stay hotels. Read more