5 steps for building a travel nurse resume

by Lindsay Wilcox

When you’re applying for travel nursing jobs, your resume has to stand out from the stack on the hiring manager’s desk. Fortunately, your recruiter can help you build a travel nursing resume that will get noticed — and, more importantly, get you the job you want. Here are 5 tips to get you started. Read more

Travel nursing vs. staff nursing: what to know before starting a new job

by Lindsay Wilcox

Before you jump into your first travel nursing job, check out what nurses had to say about different aspects of the career. Read more

RNnetwork reviews 2017

by Allison Riley

At RNnetwork, we take great pride in delivering exceptional service to the travel nurses we serve. We know that in order to administer the lifesaving and life-changing care they so expertly provide, our nurses need the support of a company and recruiters who have their best interests at heart. Read more

Working as a travel nurse while you’re pregnant

by Lindsay Wilcox

Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding and challenging times in a woman’s life — and working as a nurse while you’re pregnant adds another level of complexity. Here are some tips to working as a travel nurse while pregnant. Read more

Travel Nurse Housing: Everything You Need to Know

by Jordan Gaddis

When you’re moving to a new city or state, one of the toughest decisions to make is where to live. In your current city, you know which neighborhoods you like or which have the vibe you’re looking for. But when you’re unfamiliar with an area and considering — or have accepted — a travel nursing job, you may not know what to expect from your new digs. Read more

10 Ways to be Happy as a Travel Nurse

by Lindsay Wilcox

Working as a travel nurse has its own unique challenges. Here are 10 ways you can find happiness while working as a travel nurse. Read more