3 ways to design a flexible travel nursing lifestyle

by Kathleen Stone

Emergency room nurse Amy Gonzalez loves travel as much as she loves nursing. Here are 3 ways she's been able to design a flexible travel nursing lifestyle that's perfect for her and for her husband, who is a working professional musician. Read more

RNnetwork nurse wins Daisy Award

by Tim McDonnell

We’re proud to have a Daisy Award winner like Scott Carpenter as one of our star RNnetwork travelers. The kind of skill and compassion that the Daisy Award Foundation honors is something we see every day in our community of travel nurses, and it’s the reason we do what we do. Read more

Travel nursing – is it worth it?

by Lindsay Wilcox

Is travel nursing worth it? This couple tried it - here's what the experience has been like for them. Get their field-tested tips on how to know if travel nursing is right for you. Read more

From Fatigues to Scrubs: Meet Laretta Smith, Military Operating Room Specialist and Travel Nurse

by Allison Riley

After returning home from active duty, the thrill of new destinations and exploring the unknown still called to Laretta. Travel nursing proved to be just the adventure she was looking for. Read more

How to Fit Travel Nursing into Your Schedule as a Nurse

by Lindsay Wilcox

When NICU nurse Abby Allison offered a travel nurse working at her hospital a place to stay, she didn't know her generosity would lead her to a brand new career that would give her the freedom to pursue her dreams. Read more

It Takes Two: RNnetwork Recruiter Reconnects with Fetal Nurse through Emergency Surgery

by Lindsay Wilcox

When Rachel Shafer found herself in need of emergency surgery to save her twin boys, she was comforted to see a familiar face as part of the surgery team. Read more