Share Why You’re Thankful to be a Nurse for a Chance to Win $50

by Lindsay Wilcox

At this time of year, gratitude is on all our minds. We appreciate the care you provide to patients across the country — and we’d like to give you a little extra spending money for the holidays. Just tell us why you’re thankful to be a nurse for the chance to win a $50 gift card! Read more

Test Your Knowledge of Travel Nursing

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Seven Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Nurse

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Nursing is a rewarding career, but the long hours, demanding workload and emotional toll of constantly caring for others can quickly lead to burnout. Don’t let the effects of burnout take over your life. Try these seven tips to stop burnout in its tracks. Read more

Instagram Accounts Every Nurse Should Follow

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While it's a great place to share photos with friends, Instagram is also perfect for networking with other travel nurses and following your favorite brands and bloggers. Here are seven accounts to check out. Read more

10 Reasons It’s Great to Be a Nurse

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Whether you're a brand-new nurse or nearing retirement, a career in nursing can be fulfilling and allow you to make a difference in thousands of patients' lives. Here are 10 reasons it's great to be a nurse. Read more

Recipe: Lemony Baby Potatoes

by Staff Writer

When you're in the mood for comfort food, lemony baby potatoes will do the trick, especially paired with a mild fish or even a pot roast and salad. Read on for the recipe! Read more