How to get started in travel nursing

by Kathleen Stone

If you’re thinking about making the jump to travel nursing, hurray! You’ll get to experience all sorts of hospitals, get to know tons of great nurses and patients, and make a difference in all of their lives. The best travel nursing agencies go to work for you to make the process as easy as possible, but here are the five basics on how to get started in travel nursing. Read more

2018 RNnetwork Nurse of the Month winners

by Spencer Sutherland

RNnetwork works with the best travel nurses in the country (and probably the world). Each month we recognize one of them with the RNnetwork Nurse of the Month award. Here's a little bit about each of the 2018 winners. Read more

Meet 5 nurses who advanced their careers through travel nursing

by Liz Cornwall

Some nurses use travel assignments as an integral part of their long-term career strategy. Find out how these nurses have used it to enhance their careers. Read more

Travel nursing in North Carolina: 4 reasons to go now

by Allison Riley

Thriving economic health, world-class medical facilities, and top outdoor attractions make travel nursing in North Carolina a fun and fulfilling experience.As you consider prospective assignments, read these tips about opportunities in the Tar Heel State. Read more

What to know about agency housing for travel nurses

by Lindsay Wilcox

Melinda Askervold, senior housing coordinator at RNnetwork, explains what you should know about agency housing for travel nurses. Find out how the right agency help can take stress out of the housing process and give you a great living experience. Read more

Clinical help for travel nurses – meet our clinical nurse managers

by Tim McDonnell

Did you know that RNnetwork also provides clinical help for travel nurses? We have a team of full-time clinical nursing managers whose only job is to help you with credentialing, testing, and any clinical questions that might come up while you're on assignment. Read more