At RNnetwork, we are guided b​y the core value of Putting People First. We promise to always put your needs first, allowing you to focus on enjoying your assignment and making memories.


Susan O'Brien

Clinical Nurse Manager

Susan O’Brien has worked in a variety of nursing specialties for over 26 years, so it’s no surprise she’s passionate about her job. She understands the importance of supporting nurses while on assignment, whether that’s helping them solve problems, answering questions, or ensuring that their assignments are well managed.

Participating on the swim team as a competitive diver had a big impact on Susan while she was growing up. She developed friendships, learned to be a team player, and “All that time spent on swim team probably kept me out of a lot of trouble!” Still a big part of Susan’s life, swimming has now moved to scuba diving. Her advanced open-water certification gives Susan the opportunity to go on deep dives and wreck dives. She even swam with sharks in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Sharks she says are not very interested in “funny-looking people in rubber suits.”

Susan loves working at RNnetwork because of the people and a culture that believes in work/life balance. Her coworkers often see Abraham Lincoln quotes on her whiteboard as she strives to exemplify his principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness. “I believe in allowing second chances and giving people the benefit of the doubt,” she says. It is those qualities that make Susan an invaluable member of RNnetwork’s team.​

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