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Nick Cavaleri


While growing up in Denver, Colorado, Nick was obsessed with football, baseball, golf, basketball, snowboarding, and pretty much any other sport in which he had a good chance of sustaining an injury. Now Nick enjoys going to the beach and playing more “mellow” sports with his wife and their two young children.

Nick came to RNnetwork with excellent academic and professional qualifications. He earned his MBA at the University of Florida, and his depth of experience in sales and operations management and corporate finance and accounting make him a valuable member of the team. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention Nick’s most important qualification—his willingness to make a fool of himself.

Though he’s been at RNnetwork only a short time, Nick says, “The longer I’m here, the more I think I’ll never leave. My friends and family are getting tired of hearing what a great place this is to work. RNnetwork is proof positive that good people make the difference and that forward-thinking, unconventional businesses can thrive. ”

Nick says his huge, loving, obnoxious Italian family has had the greatest impact on his life. Not only did they instill in him values like honesty, integrity, and trust, they gave him an appreciation for family support and friendship—“whether you wanted it or not,” he jokes.​

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