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Leslie Miller

Provider Services Manager

Leslie’s ambitious side manifested itself early. While growing up in Indiana, her dream was to be a bus driver. “I would drive my grandfather’s riding lawnmower with a wagon hitched to it around the yard and pick up all my cousins and take them to ‘school’.”

Leslie loves her RNnetwork job for the opportunities it gives her to keep learning and further develop her ‘driving’ skills. Her favorite aspect of being at RNnetwork is the people, and her top priority is to be there to ‘pick up’ her team.

An RNnetwork employee since 2006, receiving the company’s Putting People First and Golden Glove awards meant the world to Leslie because it was her peers who selected her. “I’m honored that people would take the time to recognize and acknowledge the work I’ve done,” she explains. Their reasons for choosing her were many, including an extraordinary work ethic, a mastery of her job, and of course, her willingness to play a quick game of ping-pong when needed.

Leslie’s biggest hero is her mom. “She’s my everything,” she says. Now a mom herself, Leslie loves being with her kids, relaxing, or having some of her favorite food: pizza. One day, she hopes to learn to play the piano.​

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