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Latisha Turner-Daley

Credentialing Manager

It would seem that for Latisha Turner-Daley, business is in her blood. While growing up in her native Jamaica, her earliest dreams were of becoming a bank or hotel manager. And though she’s not managing banks or hotels, Latisha did grow up to be an extraordinary businesswoman, spending the past nine years helping RNnetwork and its travel nurses shine.

During those nine years, Latisha strengthened her natural business forté by earning a master’s degree in business administration. Currently, her top priority is to ensure that RNnetwork nurses are credentialed to the highest standards.

Former CHG leader Don DeCamp is one of Latisha’s personal heroes. He inspires her to always give her best and reflect a people-first attitude. Latisha credits growing up in a close-knit religious family with helping her become the person she is today—a patient, hard-working, team-oriented professional who thrives in her job and loves the people she works with.

Latisha is a newlywed (one year married) and prefers relaxing at home to a night on the town, especially if it’s with her husband or family.​

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