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Kisha Waltzer

Provider Services Manager

It’s the combination of her great sense of humor, high ethical standards, and adaptability that make Kisha Waltzer a star member of the RNnetwork team. Given her tendency to be the first to put on a show, her colleagues would probably not be surprised to learn that Kisha’s childhood dream was to be an actress. Kisha blames her parents—who enrolled her in all those “dorky” drama camps—for her warped belief that most problems, work-related or otherwise, can be easily solved with a game of charades.

Antics aside, Kisha believes in honesty, fairness, and finding creative ways to solve problems, values that two of her heroes—Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein—exemplified. “I’m always amazed by Lincoln’s honest approach, and Einstein offered a level of conviction that was bigger than life. He was driven by a belief that anything is possible.”

Hired in 2006, Kisha has stayed because of “my people,” as she calls them. “At the end of the day, the people I work with are the people I work for, and they make it something bigger than just a great job at a great place; it becomes family...crazy, amazing, wonderful family!”

When work leaves her tied up in knots (or in stitches), Kisha unwinds with yoga. In fact, on her bucket list is the goal of one day being strong enough to actually teach yoga.​

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