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Kimberly Del’Valle

Payroll Manager

When Kimberly Del’Valle needs inspiration, she sings “Fine,” one of her favorite songs by Mary J. Blige. “It could be my theme song,” she says, “because I have finally realized that I have to truly love the person staring back at me in the mirror. Once I do that, it doesn’t matter what others think.”

The past 11 years working in payroll have made Kimberly Del’Valle an expert at managing the many aspects of RNnetwork’s payroll department. In fact, during this time she has accumulated several work-related academic and professional achievements, including becoming a Certified Payroll Professional and earning a master’s degree—all while raising four sons. And if that isn’t enough, Kimberly is currently working with a publisher to ensure that the romance novel she has written becomes a bestseller.

When asked why she remains a loyal RNnetwork employee, Kimberly gives two reasons: the people she works for and the people she works with. She loves working with travel nurses and understands their need for support and information. Kimberly is equally passionate about her colleagues: “From my close-knit payroll team here to my other teammates at RNnetwork, I couldn’t ask for a better a workplace.”​

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