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Jennifer Walter

Supervisor, Recruiter Asst Team

Jennifer Walter started her career with the CHG network of companies just out of high school, and in this fast-paced industry she’s continued to make a splash ever since. Her story is one of a steady climb to the next level of success. Starting out as a part-time data entry employee at CHG, Jennifer was quickly promoted to assistant recruiter. Transferring over to RNnetwork in 2008, she was then promoted to recruiter, and from there emerged her dream job—supervisor of the recruiter assistant team. 

Jennifer loves her team and enjoys the awesome opportunities RNnetwork provides both to her and her coworkers. It’s Jennifer’s combination of knowledge and expertise, compassion and understanding, and passion for people that captures the essence of what RNnetwork is all about.
Jennifer’s friends may be surprised to find that she considers herself to be quite shy. “Really, I am usually freaking out about talking to people,” she says. Really Jennifer? When she’s not sky diving, or cage diving with great whites in South Africa, Jennifer prefers a quiet night at home—with her boyfriend, of course.


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