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Eric Darienzo


No one has ever accused Eric Darienzo of lacking aspiration or enthusiasm. Nonetheless, it’s probably a good thing this Long Island native didn’t realize his childhood dream of becoming centerfielder for the Yankees. Otherwise he wouldn’t be working with, as he puts it, “the best division of the best company in the best industry with the best people and customers who take care of the best patients.” Now that’s a mouthful, but coming from Eric, it’s to be expected. Whether it’s the rock-n-roll music he listens to (Queen, Elvis, Rolling Stones), the street food he loves (hot dogs, tacos, pretzels), or the job he pours his heart into, Eric approaches life with passion and gusto.

When he joined RNnetwork in 2007, Eric found a people-first culture that resonated strongly with him. His highest priority is to continually explore ways to improve. In leading, Eric believes that people work best being pulled rather than pushed, and he employs this philosophy with his colleagues.

When it comes to the values he personifies, Eric takes his cues from personal heroes. Among them is his father, who taught him one of life’s greatest lessons: You get from work what you put into it. Eric experienced this firsthand as a young boy working in his dad’s electronics shop. “The harder I worked, the better results I saw.”

Eric loves working at RNnetwork. “We’re a family inside and outside our walls,” he says. “We experience things together; we laugh and cry together. Most of all we just enjoy each other’s company.”​

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