At RNnetwork, we are guided b​y the core value of Putting People First. We promise to always put your needs first, allowing you to focus on enjoying your assignment and making memories.


Becca Vaughn

Provider Services Manager

​Joining the RNnetwork crew in October 2013, Becca Vaughn says the reason she came and the reason she’ll stay are the same, “Putting People First.”  It’s a philosophy that’s tightly woven into the organization’s culture and one that truly resonates with Becca. “When you put people before the business, an amazing thing happens; the business grows and so do the people.”  It’s no wonder her proudest moments are witnessing the people she’s managed progress to the next career level or get promoted to management. “It’s what I thrive on,” she adds.

Becca is a transplant to the warm shores of Florida, hailing originally from Indiana. When as a child she first laid eyes on the sparkling ocean, it was love at first sight. And though she may have to spread an extra layer of sunscreen on her lily-white skin, the sun, beach, and the ocean will always “capture my heart.” 
Finding her greatest fulfillment in loving people, loving life, loving her career, and her awesome family—husband, four kids, and two dogs—Becca hopes this amazing journey never ends!


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