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Ann Smith

Manager of Administration

A native of Brooklyn, New York, it’s not surprising that Ann has an affinity for mobster flicks and actors with thick accents. Her favorite movie is Casino, starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. When it comes to work, Ann says it was her mother’s work ethic that set the example for Ann’s own career.

Ann began working at RNnetwork in March of 2008 and says the people she works with are the main reason she stays. “I have never worked with nicer people,” she says. Of course, Ann’s colleagues could easily say the same about her. In fact, Ann’s upbeat personality as well as her excellent organizational skills and a desire to take on new challenges make her an invaluable part of the RNnetwork team.

In her free time, Ann loves to read. Her favorite food is chocolate cake, which may also be the reason Ann is into running. She is very proud of her recent accomplishments: completing two half marathons.​

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