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Travel Nurse Jobs

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RN L&D- Bakersfield, CA

Completion Bonus - 18 bed LDRP unit, 11 bed Post partum and 9 NICU beds. This unit offers expectant mothers a wark home like setting with suites for LDRP. Call today!

RN Post Partum - Ann Arbor, MI

Completion Bonus - 50 bed hospital that performs 4500 deliveries per year. Level 3 Perinatal Center which means they have specialists available around the clock. Call today!

RN Tele PCU - Ann Arbor, MI

Completion Bonus - 32 bed Med Tele PCU Unit caring for patients who require Tele monitoring with underlying medical issues. Call today!

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Recruiter Profile

Although starting a new job can be challenging, Gina has exceeded her professional goals during her first year at RNnetwork. This success has been possible because she makes her travelers her top priority. She prides herself on giving each traveler the same degree of attention and care. Gina learned this people-focused approach from her father. She calls him her best friend and has always admired how he makes a positive impact on everyone around him. Gina also takes this idea of making a difference beyond the office by mentoring at a local elementary school.